AutoCAD is a design and drafting computer application. The CAD in AutoCAD stands for computer-aided design. It was released 38 years ago in 1982, and in today’s world is the most commonly used software for architectural designing and drawing. Before AutoCAD mostly things were done in the traditional way which is drawing the design by hand on paper. Which is time-taking as well as inaccurate, the development and launch of AutoCAD by the market desk helped many architectures, engineers city planners etc.

Today AutoCAD is available in 14 different languages and as mobile apps n web apps. The next updated version of AutoCAD will release in 2022.

Here are some advantages of disadvantages of the software to give you more information about it.

Advantages of Auto CAD:-

  • Easy to use –

One very prominent advantage of AutoCAD is it’s easy to learn, and easy to use. It’s also available in almost every PWD office making it more useful for the learner.

   2) Accuracy –

Well! Drawing structures on paper or making model are good but the drawing won’t be as accurate as the blueprint made on AutoCAD. While drawing lines can be a little here or there, and while making models things can be a little messy or inaccurate. Fortunately, AutoCAD guarantees more accuracy than traditional ways.

3) Easy to handle –

Unlike blueprint or drawing made on paper AutoCAD does not require extreme care. If the drawing made on paper is not handled with care then it can tear, or can be misplaced while travelling. AutoCAD helps you keep your designs safe when if you lose the copy and also there’s no fear of getting torn or misplaced.

4) Best for 2D design –

For 2D designing, AutoCAD is the best software. Its features and easy to learn factors make it easier for someone to make 2D designs on AutoCAD.

  1. Can be used offline – The issue of the internet won’t bother if you use AutoCAD. The software can be used offline which also makes it hacker free as well.

Disadvantages of Auto CAD:-

  • Require a good computer

AutoCAD is great software but requires a good computer with high RAM to function properly. Thus in computers with low RAM the software lag.

  • 3D design –

Though AutoCAD is best in making 2D design; unfortunately, it’s not as good in making 3D design. The software takes too much effort and time in making a 3D model. People mostly use rabbit instead of AutoCAD for 3D designing.

The development of AutoCAD was a revolution and today it has a very important place in the architectural world.You cannot imagine building a house without making the design on AutoCAD, so if you have a beautiful house thanks to AutoCAD.

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