If you are a high school or college student, you have probably heard of internships. These are work experiences that last a short amount of time and are geared towards granting students a glance at life in a certain job. While they are most often offered to those pursuing some form of education (high school and college attendees), they are also occasionally offered to recent graduates or entry-level employees looking to break into a specific field. They may be unpaid or paid. Some higher education programs have internship requirements for graduation while others allow hours spent in one to count towards needed credits. Individuals like Rachel Lader who do internships reap many benefits from doing so.

  1. Possibilities Exploration

Oftentimes, individuals graduate high school and enter into the next stage of life without knowing what they really want to do with their lives. Many choose an area because it offers a high paycheck or because their parents pressured them into it. Others pick an interest they think they will enjoy then find out later that it’s not for them. As a result, 80% of college students swap majors at least once. Internships allow you to figure out if you are actually suited to the career you are aspiring for. They are temporary and designed for beginners and aid you in picking the exact direction you wish to go in.

  1. Career Advancement

Internships also grant you an edge over those who have none. They look good on resumes. In many situations, they are also a stepping stone to a full-time position. Many companies extend the offer of a job to their interns if they are impressed by their work.

  1. Skill Development

You have the opportunity to develop and refine real-life, practical skills. You can put into practice important principles and methods rather than simply reading or hearing about them. The skills you learn may give you an extra advantage over your peers and make finding a job easier. Besides those specific to the actual position, you may also learn universally valuable ones applicable to every job such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and more.

  1. Experience Gathering

One of the main benefits of internships is the acquiring of relevant experience. You gain knowledge that can only come from actually doing something. You also prove that you can function in a workspace outside of a classroom and in your chosen field. You also have more leeway to make mistakes and grow from them since interns are held to different standards than employees and some measure of screwup is expected. You also have the chance to work beside and learn from acknowledged professionals, building connections that may come in handy in the future.

Internships provide many benefits. They can open doors that would otherwise remain firmly shut and give you important tools that help you thrive in your career. They can also bring you to life-changing realizations, turning you away from the wrong path and onto the perfect one for you. If you manage to secure a paid one, you can put the compensation towards your tuition, bills or savings. Internships are a great way to test out a field without making a major commitment while obtaining priceless insights, experience and skills.


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