Many families anxiously await the arrival of spring and summer. As winter starts to fade away, take the time to complete these three common household tasks. It will help make sure your house and yard are also ready for the warmer weather.

  1. Schedule an A/C Service

Air conditioning is one of the modern conveniences most people don’t want to be without come summertime. Unfortunately, failing to have your a/c system serviced can result in unexpected problems. You might even end up simmering in the summer heat for a couple of days if it breaks. Avoid that by scheduling an inspection and tune-up with one of the top HVAC companies in Chicago so your family can relax in cool comfort no matter how hot it gets outside.

  1. Take Steps To Deter Pests

Warmer weather brings about a lot of activity. While you might enjoy watching trees and flowers bloom, the increase in insects and other pests can be bothersome. Having a comprehensive pest management plan in place will minimize any issues they can cause. What steps you need to take depends on where you live and what pests are most common in that area. You’ll want to take extra special care to prevent infestations of ones that can be dangerous. Termites and carpenter ants, for example, can cause serious structural damage to homes and they are common throughout most of the United States.

  1. Prepare Your Landscape

Give your yard a head start on the summer weather by preparing the lawn and garden beds for warmer weather. Mulch is an excellent tool to help keep weeds down while also conserving water. An early spring application of lawn seed and fertilizer is also recommended in many areas. If you are unsure what to apply, contact your local agricultural extension office to see if they offer soil testing. The results will let you know what is needed.

Get your home ready for the summer weather with an a/c tune-up and a pest control plan and by preparing the soil for the growing season.


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