Many transport companies are faced with the difficulty of transportation on stairs, especially when the loads transported are particularly cumbersome and heavy.

There are many risks when transporting heavy materials without the right precautions:
– damage to the flooring;
– damage to the transported goods;
– risks related to the health of transport operators.

Zonzini has been committed for over 40 years in the design of electric stair climbing dolly (like Buddy, perfect for medium-light loads, or DOMINO AUTOMATIC, for heavy loads)to overcome all these problems and guarantee a simple, safe and effortless transport.

Domino Automaticrepresents the innovation of Zonzini’sstair climbing trolley.

Its most important peculiarity is undoubtedly the Automatic mode, which gives the possibility to totally revolutionize the transport on stair.

The Automatic button actives Domino that automatically starts adjusting the inclination of the load on the stair, both up and down. In this way, the operator only has to drive the stair climbing dolly with a proportional joystick. However, there is also the possibility to switch back to the manual mode at any time.

The transport is more practical and safe and there is not the need to constantly pay attention to the load balancing. The operator does not experience any kind of additional stress because he doesn’t have to support any weight. Security and stability are assured.

Thanks to its independent crawler tracks with double electric motor, Domino Automatic is able to rotate 360° even in very narrow spaces. It guarantees ease of operation and security and it can even cover irregular stairs.Its tracks are non-marking and non-slipping: perfect for any internal and external surface.Furthermore, Domino can automatically close its crawler tracks by maintaining the equilibrium position, once the flat surface has been reached. The costumer can equip Domino with a lot of performing accessories, according to his needs of use and to the load that he has to transport. For example, the base can be adjusted or changed in relation to the transported load.

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