You can’t help but think, as you set each piece of furniture and décor in your new house, “Where do I store all these unneeded things?”. You can’t just toss them away because you know your mother will freak out if she finds out. So, what are your options? Storage unit facilities are an alternative to selling them through or other online resale markets. In summary, renting a self-storage space allows you to store your assets until you are ready to utilize them or wish to relocate them. Here are some advantages of having storage units for your decluttered goods.


Clutter weighs on the mind, making it difficult to focus on the things you do have. It can even stir feelings of guilt or confusion. Decluttering your home can help lower your stress levels, improve your mood, and even help you sleep better! Decluttering your home is a huge step in achieving a more relaxed and organized lifestyle. Decluttering your home or apartment can help you find some much-needed space while improving your quality of life. A self-storage unit is an excellent solution to the problem. While most people use storage units for temporary moves or decluttering, they are also beneficial for keeping things you no longer need. You can even keep an heirloom makeup station in the right storage unit! And if you’re looking to sell your stuff, you can use a storage unit for business purposes, allowing you to only access items when you’re ready to sell.


Decluttering is easier when you have someone else help you with it. Use quick and easy ideas like How to Declutter in 6 Steps to start. If you need to clear out a space temporarily, consider using portable storage units. You can quickly clear the area with them and minimize costs. Remember to bring a big enough vehicle to accommodate the storage space and a list of supplies. Then, get to work!

Donating your belongings is an excellent way to get rid of unused items and make space in your home. Many shops will collect items from your property and sell them in their charity shops. You can also donate large pieces of furniture to a charity. This organization will pass them on to those in need. This way, you can ensure that your belongings are in safe hands.

Having a yard sale

Having a yard sale is one of many benefits of having storage units for old things. You will get rid of unwanted things and earn money simultaneously. It is best to advertise it both physically and digitally so that people can find it. Post posters and signage near the storage unit indicate the sale date and hour. It is good to distribute these flyers on social media and next door to help you get the word out.

Organizing a garage sale is important, but you must ensure that you have enough space to hold it. You can organize a larger yard sale to attract more people and earn more money if you have enough space in your storage unit. You can ask a family member or friend to hold the sale for you or even organize a neighborhood flea market.


When you’re decluttering and renting a storage unit, you’ll want to ensure your items are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, many homeowners insurance policies don’t cover items stored off-site. You might be surprised to learn that your items in storage are likely worth more than your policy limits. To ensure that your belongings are protected, consider a storage-specific insurance policy.

Many self-storage policies include coverage for damaged or destroyed contents during the storage process. This coverage pays out for a portion of the value of the items if they are stolen or damaged. However, it’s important to understand that this coverage doesn’t always cover the entire cost of replacing items. Therefore, purchasing supplemental insurance for valuable possessions, such as jewelry or electronics, is a great idea, especially if you’re decluttering to make room for new possessions.

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