The skills to plan, procure and execute a project in the proper manner are essential for project managers. If there’s any issue or delay, the project manager is responsible for conversing with the client or firm to review the steps to be taken in order to solve those problems. Project managers do not take on hands-on work, but rather ensure that progress is being made and that everything is going according to schedule.

Project managers are essential when it comes to construction of new sites, the development of new programs and even the launch of new products. They have a role to play in almost every industry. An architecture firm, for instance, will utilise project managers to oversee the development of a new structure while a beauty and products company may require one when it comes to launching new products.

Project managers are essential as they streamline the process by managing dozens of workers and ensuring that everything is on track. It is a position that calls for extensive soft skills, such as organisation and communication, if a project is to succeed.

In this article, GBS Corporate have listed some of the most important skills needed for one to become a successful project manager.


Being a great leader means that you not only coordinate and oversee processes and tasks as a project manager but ideally capable of outlining and defining the roadmap. An excellent leader should also be able to encourage and motivate. It’s ideally imperative that you have the ability to analyse data quickly and make good decisions as at the end of the day, it’s you that has the final call. Simply put, you are the person responsible for the success or the failure of a project.


As a project manager, you are going to spend most of your time communicating with the workers, negotiating with vendors and reporting progress or mishaps to the clients. As such, excellent written and verbal communication skills are required in order to succeed as a project manager. You will be called often to give presentations and so, it is vital that you’re comfortable in speaking in front of large crowds as well as using presentation software.

Negotiation Skills

As mentioned above, you will be given the role of conversing with clients regarding the scope of work as well as the timeline. Clients will bargain for manpower and certain resources and so, it is imperative that you have good negotiation skills. This is a skill that is developed and improved through experience, but it required to in order to deliver what the clients want while keeping everyone involved satisfied.


This is perhaps the most obvious skill required when it comes to taking the role of a project manager. In order to work in an effective manner, managing individuals is essential. From assigning roles to holding people accountable, it is the role of a project manager to set goals, assess performance and progress and encourage teamwork.

Problem Solving Skills

You will constantly come across issues that require your attention. It is, therefore, your role to foresee potential issues and come up with solutions in case those problems come to light. Having alternatives and back-up plans can prevent delays and keep everything on track. Most risks, if anticipated, are not usually urgent. Even so, there are some things that cannot be predicted and as such, it is important to have the skills to handle unexpected problems and come up ways to proceed in the best manner.


If you are sloppy and forgetful, you are unlikely to become successful as a project manager. You will be dealing with a lot of aspects and so you need to be organised, both in your personal and professional life. It is advisable to have an organisational system, whether it is a paper or electronic note planner. This helps keep all details on top of your mind.

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