If you’ve started a small business, you’ll quickly learn that a good printer is a necessity. Even if you do most of your work online, you still need to be able to print out documents at a moment’s notice. While you might imagine that it’s easy to find something cheap that will get the job done, finding a printer that lasts through a few hundred jobs isn’t that simple. If you want the best printer from a selection of office printers from Cobb Technologies, here’s what you should know.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

Everybody wants to save money wherever possible. But if you end up skimping out on the wrong stuff, it could hurt in you the long run. While you might want to save a bunch of money by buying a bare-bones printer model, it could cost you later. Cheap printers are easy to buy, and if you think of them as disposable, you might end up believing that you’re saving money by paying a few bucks every few months to get a new one. However, if you save up and spend on a quality model, you could be looking at years of savings. This doesn’t mean you have to go too high-end. Just pick something that can handle a bunch of jobs at once and doesn’t come with a bunch of unnecessary add-ons.

Invest in Laser

There are two common types of printer out there that are great for business use: Inkjet and Laser. While the right choice generally depends on your specific business needs, it’s best to invest in a color inkjet model if you know you’re going to be printing a lot of color photos. However, if you want to pay a bit more upfront and save on ink, laser is the way to go. You’ll be getting a high-quality printing job without the hassle of loading messy ink cartridges every few months.

Double-Sided Is a Must

As a small business, you can’t afford to waste money on anything, especially not something that can add up to a huge expense like paper. That’s why a double-sided printer is an absolute must, especially if you’re keen on saving the environment and saving a buck. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost too much more to get a standard printer with a double-sided feature. Once you have the capability, you’ll end up cutting down your usage by half without even having to think about it.

Consider the Ink

Before you buy your printer, ask yourself what you’re actually going to be printing on a day-to-day basis. Glossy photos? Hi-res color images? Basic black and white timesheets? The answer should help you narrow down your purchase. You won’t want to buy an expensive color inkjet printer if you’re just printing out Word documents. On the other hand, if you want to print out beautiful images that look their best, a standard black and white printer isn’t going to cut it. Remember, it’s better to pay upfront for the quality you need than to get caught short right before a huge client presentation.

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