The packaging industry is booming right now. With the rise of Amazon and e-commerce in general, more and more things are being delivered in packages, and there are more consumer goods being created than ever before. Getting involved in the packaging industry is a lucrative career.

Packaging industry workers are able to effectively pack and label items, while also making sure the packages get to their destination unharmed with the items inside protected from the elements and dangers of transportation. If you are someone who likes to pay attention to detail and understand why things are packaged the way they are, this could be a good job for you.

What Packaging Engineers Do

One of the jobs you can take in the packaging industry is a packaging engineer, who has to work on three main activities. The first is the introduction of new products. When it comes to new products a company markets, those will need packages. The packing teams work with others to figure the best design for the new product.

They also look at how to save costs. Have you ever opened a box only to find another box inside of it? Well, that costs money. Once the package has been out and demand has increased, then a new package that saves money and slims down any excess costs will be designed. Finally, the engineers do damage control if the packing system falls apart.

Some of it is Automated

The best part of the job is that the packaging industry often needs little packaging. Getting items into boxes and the need for manual labor has been reduced with automation. conveyor rails, mechanical loaders, and pumps do most of the work. You won’t be closing boxes or stamping tape, so get that image out of your head.

So, you can focus on the bigger picture, rather than on the small details – especially if you are working with a larger industry. They’ve got the small stuff figured out, and need the larger stuff looked at. If you’ve got a big picture mindset and the ability to manage lots of moving pieces, then you will do well helping the industry.

You Can Work in Various Industries

The packaging industry packs everything from food and clothing to toys. If you really like industry or want to be around a certain type of product, then you can easily find a job where that item is shipped or packaged.

The packaging industry is also constantly reaching for what is next in packaging, where creativity and new ideas are praised and needed. Every level of the packaging industry needs employees, and you’ll be able to find a lot of opportunities along with some good job stability. After all, no one is going to stop needing packages any time soon.

So you’ll be able to be in a workplace that is constantly changing and looking for new ideas to stay on top of their competition and their market. Who wouldn’t want that job?

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