The coworking space presents many businesses in the United States with the chance to work in an environment that promotes social interaction in the workplace. However, coworking in the United States has come to encompass more than just hanging out at the hot desk, as serious business takes place in the coworking space. The coworking space has another function in that it can make the workplace less stressful and contributes to the work-life balance.

While socialising in a more relaxed environment is one of the reasons the coworking space is great, coworking allows businesses, and the professionals who run them, the autonomy to choose how they work, and that is always a plus. Whether using a small coworking outfit in a trendy cafe or a larger coworking space – Servcorp, for example, the coworking space is a fluid space where time and the work that gets done is determined by the coworking professional. By establishing your own work guidelines, you take ownership of the way your professional life is managed.

Let’s take a closer look at the many positive effects that coworking can have on your work-life balance.


With spaces becoming ever more popular, professionals can pretty much set the tone of their day. If you are an early bird, come before the space gets busy and finish just after noon. If you cannot make it to the space early but you don’t want to work during the busiest times of the day, consider working in the late afternoon when the coworking space has settled down.

Furthermore, coworking allows professionals to determine just how much time they spend at work. For the most part, unlike the typical nine-to-five that requires you commit to the eight-hour workday, coworking allows you to determine the length of your workday based on how much work you actually have. Time is one of the most important factors in determining the work-life balance because it determines how much you have for work and for life.

Social Factors

Social events and social interaction play a huge role in determining the environment in the space, but it also plays a role in how work is perceived. As opposed to working in a cubicle or an office all afternoon with intermittent breaks, the flexibility and looseness with which the coworking space exists contribute to conversations that can happen throughout the day, which does break up the isolation that occurs when working alone. The hum of busy professionals in the space lets the professionals working in the space feel like they are in a place where work and conversation create a more relaxed environment.

Then, there are the social events. Social events, whether held during standard business hours or later, really set the tone in the space. Being able to hang out in the space with other professionals turns conversation into camaraderie, which hopefully turns into collaboration at some point. In essence, your coworking space’s social activity adds to a more relaxed, natural work environment.

Coworking Community

The community that gels as a result of social interaction contributes to the work-life balance. It is the community that contributes to space providing amenities that make the work-life balance better. Yoga classes, barbecues, and meet and greets that are held by the managers are the reason that people in the space enjoy working there. More importantly, it really does the mind and soul good being an environment where work is important but is balanced by play.

Working In Your Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance is integral to the quality of work produced when professionals have to work, and that is its significance. The coworking space through its design and its function is the source of much work, but one has to wonder how much of play is involved in productivity. For your business, the coworking space can help you take an active role in determining your work-life balance.

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