Staff recognition is one of the performance drivers in organizations. The staff members if a company need to feel appreciated and valued so that they can improve their performance and subsequently the performance of the company itself. Most of the company tend to reward their workers equally with the intention of making them feel equally valued in the organization. However, some instances call for distinguished recognition, especially when the rewarding of the workers is results or performance-based. In such instances, the employers and the senior management teams should have a proper way of recognizing exemplary performance by rewarding only those who demonstrate the same.

Different companies have varying employee reward systems which are commensurate with the value systems of these organizations. However, there are common strategies that all the corporations tend to adopt in the quest for proving to their outstanding members of staff that they are highly valued and their services in the organization are appreciated. Below is a list of some of the common ideas that most of the companies implement to rewards their performance-oriented workers;

Company trips

The organization can set aside some funds that would be dedicated to rewarding the staff members who show exemplary performance by sponsoring them a trip to their places of choice. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but as simple as it could be, the workers would feel appreciated for their excellent work. As a result, they would feel motivated to put in more effort to enhance their performance so that they can get more recognition. On the other hand, the rest of the staff members would also feel challenged to boost their performance so that they can also get the same kind of treatment.

Team Lunch

From time to time it is always lovely to sponsor some lunches for the workers to some local restaurants of their choice. The lunches could be either departmental or even a small unit of the team that has shown some outstanding performance over a period. With this strategy, they would get the time to strategize on the next move that they should take to enhance their performance as a team. It also allows them to reflect on the things that they would have wished to accomplish but never did within the particular period. Therefore, they manage to get a reflection of the adjustments that they need to incorporate into their strategy so that their performance can improve.

Team Building

These are events that are organized by organizations with the intention of bringing their staff members together, both the well-performed and the poorly-performed. The primary objective behind this idea is to bring the workers of an organization in one common location, outside the work environment, so that they can share their experiences. This way, they can learn different ideas from their colleagues, which they may use to improve their performances. For the exemplary performers, it is also a brilliant avenue to share with their counterparts about the strategies that they implement to keep their performances outstanding. It is a source of motivation for the workers of an organization.

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