It was not long ago that just the word marijuana warranted a grimace across the face of many professionals and a vast handful of average patrons, but times are changing. The world is starting to see more benefits than side effects from legalized marijuana. Some of us can pay homage to lawmakers for getting bills passed in certain areas, while others will certainly boast credit to one or all of the Top 10 Most Influential Pioneers of Pot. From the “Father of Modern Marijuana” Jack Herer to famously known to be stoned rapper and pop culture influencer, Snoop Dogg, there have been many marijuana advocates that support the movement. Now that it is becoming a reality, we now get to focus on creating an honest, profitable industry that will work hand in hand to help push advancements in the everyday use of marijuana.

Dispensaries Are Rolling on Useless Cannabis POS Systems

With regulations in place and the moral integrity to continue to abide by laws and procedures set in place, marijuana dispensaries are looking to get more out of their cannabis point-of-sale systems. No longer is a simple, “Here’s your quarter of OG Kush. That’ll be $120,” and you place the money in the register and mark it down as a sale. There are compliance concerns, inventory issues, and a boatload of other things that weigh most business owners down. So, when looking into a new cannabis POS system for your dispensary, take a moment and see if it has any of these must-have features:

Budtender, Customer & Sales Performance Data

When looking into a dispensary POS, performance and data functionality are pretty important. Your budtenders may not be able to recall specifics about certain product details or have an idea on which strain is best for what. Not to mention, some customers may not remember what the last budtender recommended and having a simple customer profile function helps build customer knowledge and a trustworthy relationship with you and your customers. It will also help you keep track of what products are doing the best, along with several other KPI or metrics that determine what sections of your dispensary needs a little extra love.

SMART Sales Regulation Functions

If you’re in the pot game, then you know that there are some very strict rules, regulations, and guidelines in place that are governed with an iron fist, so does your marijuana POS system protect you and your budtenders for potential mistakes that could cost you your business? Now dispensary owners are getting better POS, and several developers are programming them specifically for the cannabis industry. This means it can help regulate state sales consumption guidelines. It can be tough to process a half of flowers, some cookies, a couple of drinks, and some other THC-infused candies. Now, with the right selection, your POS can process this for you can catch this before you make a mistake. It can also track customer usage to ensure no one is taking advantage of the system. What is sold is accounted for and logged.

Dispensing A Relaxed Future with Advanced Pot Point of Sales

Pretty soon, all the guesswork will be taken out of the sales point systems of cannabis commerce. Budtenders can focus on the customer experience, and the dispensary can focus on providing a legal facility that is run by governed regulations. Advancements in marijuana point of sales systems help keep your business on the right path without worry of breaking the rules. Does your current POS do that?

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