Boulder is a beautiful city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To the south, the scenic trail-lined Flatirs are rugged, rocky stone formations overlooking the town. To the north, the historic pedestrian Pearl Street Mall features many cafes, art galleries and boutiques, as well as the University of Colorado Boulder campus. The vibrant downtown area features a vibrant nightlife and a variety of venues and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy, all things that folks like Steven Rosenblum are trying to keep around.

Winter Activities

One of the popular things to do in winter in Boulder is skiing or snowboarding. The winter sports season runs from late October through March, so this is the best time to visit. The Pearl Street Mall features shops, restaurants, and other attractions that cater to visitors looking for souvenirs or winter activities. The Fiske Planetarium has an orbiter that lets people watch the Earth from space, while the Museum of Natural History features numerous earth and natural history exhibits.

Other popular winter activities include cross-country skiing, which can be reached by taking a train or bus. Another popular option is skiing in the Flatirons, which require a challenging path and are best experienced with skis. Other things to do in Boulder Colorado during winter include getting around. The Pearl Street Mall has a bus system that allows people to easily get around town.

Getting Around on Foot

Getting around in Boulder on a bicycle is another good way to get around in winter. The Pearl Street bike path runs along the east side of Pearl Street, allowing cyclists to easily head north on 33rd Street. There is also a free cobblestone bicycle path on the south side of Boulder that runs down the hill between Parker and Walnut streets. These are the best things to do in winter to take your mind off the fatigue of crossing streets. Other trails like the rolling beltway that runs from South Boulder to the southwest and the Creek Trail that goes all the way to Walnut Creek make bicycles a fun means of getting around.

Other City Things

Another popular thing to do in winter is visiting one of the many popular destinations in Boulder. The City of Boulder is home to a variety of popular attractions that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every winter. Many people choose to check out the newly renovated Science Center, which includes a planetarium, museum, video building, and auditorium. Other things to do in the city include enjoying the outdoors on a sled or snowboard. These things to do in Boulder are particularly popular in the winter months because it is possible to do any of them all without driving your vehicle.

It’s an Energetic and Exciting Place

The list of things to do in winter in Boulder is pretty long. Whatever you enjoy doing outside in the winter should be a good excuse to visit the beautiful city of Boulder. The sights, activities, and atmosphere are second to none. Spend a few hours outside this warm and friendly town and you will soon find yourself wishing you could stay longer. You might just decide you want to pack up and head home now. After all, there is nothing quite like a winter vacation in the mountains to make any person feel young and energetic again.

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