Workplace violence is always something that you don’t want to think about and think could never happen to you but that is not the reality. The reality is that it is a real threat and could come at you in two different ways. The first way that you want to be proactive about is an employee to employee violence which happens over time not overnight as this is usually the result of a long time of being unhappy with their job and angry with those that they work with. The next type of workplace violence is from the outside in which your employees need to be trained to keep an eye out for terrorism and those that are acting in a suspicious way.

For the first type of workplace violence, the training is a bit different because instead of the traditional workplace violence prevention training it takes building a relationship with the employees you work with.

This means that while doing the training is great the true way to prevent it is to have exercises and events for the employees to come together and build a friendly relationship with each other. This makes it where employees are generally happier and they know that those that they work with care about them as a person and not just as the employee next to them.

For supervisors, they need to be trained on how to be sensitive on all occasions and to be aware of who is working hard while giving chances for the employees to better themselves so that they can move up in the company. This helps tremendously as a lot of workplace violence with employees is because the employee is depressed and no one has noticed how hard they have worked for years while everyone else around them seems to have been moving up and getting noticed for things that were smaller than what they were doing.

The next type of workplace violence prevention training is more traditional because all employees need to be aware of people that should not be in the office and those that are acting in a way that needs to be noticed. There are many times a person is very calm and even that overly calm but targeted attitude is something that should be noticed.

Those that are there for good reasons are not as uptight and generally have a much friendlier attitude that one can pick up one right away. Another thing that should be done in the workplace is armed security as if there is security that can handle the situation not only in the workplace less of a target then there is someone that can handle it.

But the security needs to be more than on the important floors a threat should not get past the front door meaning that there should be guards who are trained to look for suspicious activity right from the start. If weapons are not allowed on the grounds them make a rule about checking persons for guns so that you are aware if anyone has them right away making it harder for a threat to get in the building and then up to where their true goal is. Preventing violence means that you need to have people who know how to de-escalate a situation and really make that safe for everyone. The employees should know how to react in a situation of danger so that they are calm and are doing what they should if that ever comes up.

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