Advertisers need to stay current and adapt to new technologies in order to stay effective. Technology has changed how and where people view advertising. Outdoor advertising, or OOH, has had a rocky road the last decade, but this medium is not going anywhere. Advertising installed on billboards, bus shelters and on transit vehicles has experienced a recent rise in popularity since the presidential election. A report by Big Market Research showed that OOH is expected to outpace print advertising by 2027. With so much going digital and being personalized, how is outdoor advertising still relevant?


Outdoor advertising is usually very large. It gives creators the ability to go big and bold. This type of advertising is effective because it makes an impact. While you may not remember the ad you scrolled past on your Instagram page, you will remember the jaw-dropping billboard that caught your attention while waiting for the bus. Billboards Ferrysburg MI keep the message short and sweet, often using humor. That paired with a memorable graphic will always be a recipe for advertising success.


Outdoor advertising is extremely successful for local businesses. If you place advertising on busses or next to the neighborhood grocery store, you can be sure it is being seen by residents. It is also relevant when global companies are trying to reach a certain demographic. Urban or rural areas can be targeted, along with specific economic levels and races.


There will always be an audience for outdoor advertising. As long as people remain social creatures who have to leave their homes for goods and services, they will look at billboards and buses. People stare out the window when traveling on a highway. They look at signs as they walk around a city. This is a part of human nature. Even as technology evolves, the audience for OOH will not go away.


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