If you walk into a home appliance store’s embroidery machine department, you may be shocked by all the sewing equipment choices available on the market today. There are many different brands and models, from basic equipment to state-of – the-art machines that cost over $100,000 each.

It’s safer to go with a brand that’s been around for quite a while and has a reputation for reliability and longevity when buying a new embroidery machine. One of those well-respected brands is the Simplicity embroidery unit.

Isaac Groebli, a Swiss man, designed a machine with a shuttle in the form of a boat that produced the stitch back. It came to be called the Schiffli machine because of this. His eldest son enhanced his service by further automating it.

The result was so impressive and high-quality that audiences always thought it was done by hand. This machine helped families start small businesses as the machine was able to fit in a reasonable size room. The father would direct the machine process while the wife and kids would thread the bobbins and take care of the thread.

A multi-head sewing machine was formulated in 1911 by the Singer Sewing Company and further revolutionized production of machine embroidery. Sales have boomed and changed the way craft has been done for good since the 1950s.

Available in several versions are the Simplicity embroidery machines with various features that suit different embroidery needs. You need to look at their features to decide which model will work better for you.

  1. Creative Spirit

This Simplicity embroidery machine has all of a standard sewing machine’s features and much more. It can perform 39 different stitches you can use for your work on the embroidery.

Particularly suitable for beginners and professionals alike is the Creative Spirit computer. It has multiple functions designed to eliminate all the embroidery pain and hassles.

  1. Liberty

This Simplicity stitching machine can produce 40 separate stitches. For the wandering embroiderer, this particular machine is ideal. If you have the best embroidery machine, you don’t need to worry about bad results. The Liberty is very small and lightweight, so it’s no struggle to cart it around.

A mechanical foot regulator, an electronic buttonhole and 3 needle positions are among its unique functions. It also comes with a handy container for your sewing equipment.

  1. Craft

This is one of the Simplicity embroidery machine’s smallest versions. The craft is ideal for homemakers who want to continually embellish tiny designs on home decorations.

It is an automated system that can perform 29 different stitch styles. The characteristics include an adjustable length of hemming and a few retractable coil pins.

  1. American Quilter

This is one of today’s most flexible Simplicity embroidery devices. It is a state-of – the-art embroidery device with a special touch screen LCD where you can edit and customize the embroidery designs to your personal taste.

The American Quilter, like many other Simplicity embroidery devices, has a convenient bin to hold your sewing supplies. This powerful machine can do 50 separate stitches.

The Simplicity embroidery machine will definitely be ideal for you, whether you are a novice in needlework art or a professional embroiderer.

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